Step Three



Once you have all the content up on your site,  you've verified your Google listing and you've finished your citations, it's time to give your site some juice.   The first thing you want to do is to decide on which search words or phrases you want to be on page one for.   ​

Have you written content around those phrases?  If not, add a new page and write it now.  Then what you need to do is to get backlinks from some really high-authority websites.  What do I mean by a backlink?

A backlink is simply a mention about your site on some one else's site who actually links that mention on their site and directs it to your site.  It can be to your home page or to any of your inner pages.  The key here is for quality over quantity.  

How do you get quality backlinks?  Well that's kind of tough to do if you're not in the SEO or lead generation business.  You have to go out an purchase the domains that have the high scores and use them as your own.  Then you put in the links.  But really, in order to do this, you should hire a pro like the folks over at Local Tactics .  They are second to none when it comes to getting your site ranked and there's no fancy dancy stuff that they do to try and confuse you out of your money.  Head over to their site and check them out.