Step One

Content is King!


Many moons ago when Google first came to the scene and stole the show, it was because it over delivered to its users on just what they were looking for.  You may remember that up until that time, we all used Yahoo and many still do.  However, there is no question that Google owns the world now!

So why is it so popular and why do you need to be noticed by them?  Think of it this way.  Say you were searching for a vacuum cleaner repair shop.  So you simply entered those "keywords" into the Google search engine.  Magically, it first shows you some "ads" which are paid by people with websites that can't get on page one naturally.  The second listings usually give you a result for your area that you are searching from with some key results and a map.  It shows you all the different vacuum repair shops with tabs showing where they are on the map!  Like this:

That's called "Google My Business", aka Google Local.  It knows just where you are when you search for something from your IP address and can narrow your search down to areas close by.  So it's very important to make sure you have tons of unique content concerning your area and service on your site to get noticed.  You also need to list and verify your business with Google by going here:  

Next is the rest of the content on your site.  Google wants to deliver supurb results to its users.  So if your site just has a paragraph here and there about what you do, you're not going to stand out from the crowd.  So what you should do is give as much useful and unique information you can think of about anything concerning your business and write  write write about it.  Make sure your grammar is good and the spelliing is correct.  Do this on as many pages as you can muster up.  The more the better but remember that quality is essential and whatever you do DON'T copy from anyone on the web.  Duplicate content is a huge no no and you will get dinged and put in the what's known as the "sandbox".  You don't want to be there.

A key trick to remember when writing content is to pretend that you're the end user.  What questions would you have when searching for a   carpet cleaner ? - whatever the topic may be - and what answers can you offer that would be of the most use?